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About The LB Crew Shop

LB Crew was born in 2018 from the desire to have awesome Long Beach clothing and accessories that represent the best beach city on the coast. If you’re from or you’ve ever been to the LBC, you probably get “it”, and we want you to be a part of the LB Crew.


Our classic and clean designs are inspired by our coastline and water culture. The Long Beach lifestyle is infectious and whether you’re running on the beach, sailing in the harbor or enjoying the nightlife downtown and on 2nd Street, Long Beach is the place to be. Join the LB Crew today!

Derek Belisle | Founder, LB Crew

โ€œGrowing up in Long Beach was a special experience for me and my friends. We have, in our estimation, the best beach city on the west coast.


However, growing up I always saw great surf inspired designs for the surrounding beach cities, but not for Long Beach. Therefore at LB Crew we use those classic surf/beach lifestyle designs to represent our hometown.


I invite you to share my passion for the Long Beach lifestyle by joining the LB Crew today.โ€


Derek Belisle
Founder, LB Crew


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Why LB Crew? Because we’re from Long Beach! If you get it, you get it. Welcome to the LB Crew.