LB Crew Features Long Beach 908 Magazine Founder John Grossi

“Life is Great in the 908!” This saying from Long Beach 908 Magazine Publisher and Founder, John Grossi, encapsulates how we feel at the LB Crew. LB 908 features the best of the LBC and shows everyone why it’s so great to live in our beautiful city.

LB 908 is coming up on their 10 year anniversary so LB Crew caught up with John to learn more about his background, why he started LB 908 and what they’ve been up to lately.

John relayed that he’s been busy featuring the best of people and businesses in Long Beach while creating some new ways to support our community. You can show your Long Beach pride by rocking one of their new Life is Great in the 908 T-shirts or try some of the hottest local business goodies with their Long Beach subscription box. And of course be sure to check out their latest features at

In Long Beach we’re all about the community and so is LB 908. We’re grateful to be friends in this community and we love that they’re providing unique ways to connect to the amazing people and businesses of Long Beach. Be sure to keep up with John and the crew over at

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Visit us the LB Crew homepage to see our latest designs and stories. Stay cool Long Beach!

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